Historic Endeavor Participation.    Fertile ground for open and fertile minds to contribute to the ethical aspects of the architecture of an innovative, groundbreaking and revolutionary digital currency landscape which can co-exist with our current global financial system.

A Set of Fresh Digital Currency Eyes.   Opportunity to pause, reflect and deeply examine your own thinking and current assumptions about:

  • The current Virtual Alternative Currency Ecosystem and related sub-systems: cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital currencies, and digital currency platforms.
  • The agenda of Digital Currency Ethical Board with respect to our vision of an Ethical Digital Currency World which encompasses all of the following: digital currency standards, geopolitical considerations, principled geopolitical leadership, formulation of digital currency public policy, global digital currency policy advocacy, formulation of processes for peaceful co-existence of the digital currency world with the current global financial system, foundational infrastructure, governance, virtual organization leadership, and digital currency adoption and implementation strategy.
  • The direction that your company, industry, institution, government and the rest of the world is heading toward ::  and begin to look at the world with a set of fresh digital currency eyes ::  so you can begin to think how you can leverage huge amount of investments already made in existing technologies, including blockchain technologies and platforms, as well as current and future R&D efforts,  toward the development of this Digital Currency World.

Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations and Digital Currencies.  Opportunity to gain a deep insight into the world of virtual organizations :: The New Virtual Organization World :: and the foundational infrastructure role it will play in the development of this Digital Currency World.

Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must? :: is :: the world’s most comprehensive document on the need for leading and visionary executives from global enterprises, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide to pause a bit in order to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Significant Virtual Organization World Collaboration.    Extensive interaction with the titans  and futurists of The New Virtual Organization World.


Eligibility Criteria For All Board Members


Onboarding Process