Revision Date: October 3, 2021 at 9:47 PM PST USA

The Digital Currency Manifesto requires the Ethical Board to operate in a “Virtual Organization” Environment instead of just a “Virtual” Environment. We know very little, if anything at all, about virtual organizations and have no idea of where to begin. Prior to joining the board, can you enlighten certain members of our Executive Leadership Team on their potential and benefits?

ANSWER :: Our affiliate Virtual Organization Advisors offers such solution and is the ideal place to begin your journey. Click here to proceed.

Why are Board members required to be Digital Currency Consortium members?

ANSWER :: That’s because there is a huge difference between a digital currency and cryptocurrency. Thus, Digital Currency Consortium members are required to be digital currency–NOT cryptocurrency–stakeholders in order to have real, practical knowledge and hands-on experience with one or more digital currencies (e.g., CloudCoin) and a clear understanding of how they differ from cryptocurrencies.

Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense to invite people who are clueless about the difference between cryptocurrencies and digital currencies to talk about and make crucial decisions about the fate and future of digital currencies.

What if I own only one (1) single digital currency unit (i.e., one single coin) which has a value of only 10 cents, will that qualify me for membership in both Digital Currency Consortium and Digital Currency Ethical Board?

ANSWER :: Yes. The point being, it’s important for you to know the difference between a digital currency and a cryptocurrency.

When and where does the Board convene?

ANSWER ::   Board members convene on an ad hoc basis in a 100% virtual organization environment whenever a specific board agenda item is the subject of discussions or deliberations.

What sort of tangible remuneration is offered to Board members for their service?

ANSWER ::   Zero. The magnitude of the intangible rewards associated with this prestigious membership outweigh any measly financial remuneration.

Will Board members be officially listed on the website?

ANSWER ::   NO. By default, all board members are afforded 100% privacy due to the sensitivity of their current position or standing in the global community; the sort of information they will be made privy to; and the nature of the agenda items they will be called upon for deliberation. They will, however, be provided with a link to their own optional private page on the website so that they can share it with whomever they feel comfortable with.

Will Board members have access to the entire membership list?

ANSWER ::   NO. We consider that an invasion of privacy and a serious breach of protocols. Access to other members is based on the agenda item that is the subject of consideration and will always be on a need-to-know basis. However, all Board members are free to disclose their very own membership status to others to the extent that they do not infringe on the privacy of other board members.

Can a Board member request to be included on the Leadership Team or Founding Members page of the website?

ANSWER ::   Yes. Such request will automatically be granted once a Board member has proven to be an active contributor on the board. “Active Contributor” means someone who has contributed to the board’s agenda during a minimum of three (3) videoconferences over a one-year period. The point being, the Board has no need to be validated by any so-called celebrity or influencer or any person of global stature. At the other end of the spectrum, the idea is to discourage charlatans and impostors from using the board strictly as a vehicle to enhance their fake profile or just as another social network group or social media platform to only further their own personal agenda.

Where is the Official List of Bona Fide Digital Currencies?

ANSWER :: View the official list. As of 10/1/2021, there exists only one Bona Fide Digital Currency which meets the requirements for listing on the Official List of Bona Fide Digital Currencies which are reflected in The Digital Currency Manifesto. This glaring exclusivity is due to the fact that it happens to be the world’s first bona fide digital currencynot cryptocurrency. Just as Bitcoin is the world’s first successful cryptocurrency, CloudCoin is the first successful bona fide digital currency which is not based on blockchain technology and cryptography.

However, that being said, there are many potential candidates out there who are vying to escape the clutches of blockchain technology and join the ranks of bona fide digital currencies. As they fulfill the requirements outlined in The Digital Currency Manifesto ::: which is a tough nut to crack ::: we will quickly update the list.

How can I contribute to the Board without becoming an official member?

ANSWER :: The publication of Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level has now made it possible for every single human being anywhere in the world to be able to contribute to the agenda of Digital Currency Ethical Board without becoming an official member. That includes All Heads of State, Members of the Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, Public Policy Executives, Business Executives, Academia Executives, Religious Leaders – of All Faiths and Religions, and every single other member of society.